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We believe that learning new skills and improving your current is essential to start or grow your businesses, get more interesting and well-paid jobs, or sign up new clients as a freelancer. It is also a much more interesting way to work as new skills give you an opportunity to try new things.

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You will learn skills and gain knowledge helping you to promote business with free tools as publications in media, traffic from search engines and building your personal brand.

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Video courses about PR, SEO, and Content Marketing. You can watch them anytime with a subscription. 

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Have access to our webinars and courses we recommend and tried ourselfes. Learn for free and start getting results.

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Have access to e-books, fresh articles, and case studies to deepen your knowledge in the most important areas for you.

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Hi, I am Irina, PR & SEO Consultant, the founder of Kudres Academy. I created this platform as a place where you can learn and improve skills releated to PR, SEO and Content Marketing. Pitch your story with confidence, get published on big media for free, gain high-quality links and increase sales. 

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