Online Courses & Workshops

Join our online courses and webinars to learn and implement new ideas. 

What is here for you?

Exclusive on-demand courses about digital PR, Content Marketing and SEO created for start-ups and SME. You do not need huge budget to implement all tips you will learn. We also include in all courses tasks and feedback to each of them. So you will not only learn new things but implement and try new things. If you need to deep dive in your business we also provide ongoing consulting for start-ups and SMEs. 


Online Courses 

We are preparing exclusive content about digital PR, SEO and Linkbuilding. You can pre-sign up to get first "sits" and 30% discount from the orginal price when courses will be launched.

Public Relations

SEO for Begginers

Linkbuilding & Risk Management



You can take part in our webinars with different experts. Pre-sign up now to get free sits for upcoming events. 

PR for Start-ups

Learn how to start your PR, when and why you need it and how to measure your PR activities.

How to Work With Media

Learn how to build relationships with media, get published and build brand awareness with easy steps.

Basic SEO

Would you like to know about how to rank in Google? Just our webinar to know main things you should start with. 


Consulting & Mentorship

If you feel that you need personal guidance or have specific questions on how to build your own PR and SEO strategies, need help with implementing different things, let's schedule a free call and understand together how we can help you to be successful.